Ward's® Agarose LE

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Ward's® Agarose LE
Electrophoresis Gels Agarose and Acrylamide
Low EEO Enables Increased Particle Mobility

This highly purified agarose is ideal for a variety of microbiology applications when a cleaner end-product with enhanced resolution is desired. Analyze proteins and nucleic acids of various sizes from 150 bpto to 6 kbp. Formulated for high gel strength and integrity, this gel exhibits exceptional thermal stability and mechanical resistance, ensuring safe, easy handling, regardless of whether a denaturing agent has been added. It's low EEO (S 0.13-mr) promotes increased electrophoretic mobility, yielding improved resolution and shorter run times, and reducing band distortion. The clear, colorless solution reduces background color interference and exhibits exceptionally low absorption of chemical staining agents. Pore size can be adjusted by simple modifications to the concentration ratio.