Advanced Histology Slide Set

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470177-704 470199-802
Advanced Histology Slide Set
Slides and Cover Glasses Microscope Slides
This slide set takes contents from cytology and organ systems.

  • Clearly Distinguishable Identifying Features
  • Rigorous Quality Control Standards
  • Cytology and Organ System Samples Included
The identifying features of the organ systems are easily visible.

Ordering information: This slide set contents include cytology (6 slides), the skeletal and muscular system (6 slides), the nervous system (7 slides), the hematopoietic system (5 slides), the digestive system (12 slides), the respiratory system (2 slides), the integumentary system (5 slides), the excretory system (3 slides), and the reproductive system (4 slides). Please call for a complete listing.