Sure-Grip® EX Safety Cabinets for Corrosives, Justrite™

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97001-370EA 2682.12 USD
97001-242 97006-132 97001-244 97001-240 97001-246 97001-370 97001-340 97001-230 97001-392 97109-650 97001-394 97006-138 97001-354 97001-356 97001-212 97049-632 97001-344 97001-388 97001-220 97049-634 97001-402
Sure-Grip® EX Safety Cabinets for Corrosives, Justrite™
Furniture Storage Cabinets
Steel cabinets store corrosive liquids and acids safely and securely, protecting both personnel and facilities

Exclusive Sure-Grip® EX features include U-Loc™ handles that include two keys and accept padlocks, Haz-Alert™ reflective exterior labeling for easy identification in fire conditions or power outages, and galvanized steel SpillSlope™ shelves that safely direct all spills to the 5.1cm (2") leakproof sump. Adjustable shelves provide a 159kg (350lbs.) safe allowable load. Polyethylene trays are included to protect steel shelves from harsh chemicals. A built-in grounding connector prevents static build-up. Four adjustable leveling feet ensure a wobble-free base.

Modular Slimline cabinets allow users to segregate incompatible liquids and provide a space-saving alternative to standard units. Countertop and Compac cabinets provide safe storage when available space is at a minimum. Undercounter cabinets offer quick access at workstations and are sized and fitted with a recessed kickplate to mount flush with existing cabinetry. Piggyback cabinets are designed to mount on top of existing Justrite cabinet structures (except sliding door cabinets), but can also be used independently as benchtop units. Color: blue.

Cabinets are constructed of sturdy 18-gauge steel and are welded for strength and a long service life. The double-wall design features a 3.8cm (11/2") insulating air space and a three-point stainless steel bullet latching system. All cabinets feature a corrosion-resistant powder-coat finish.

Note: Steel corrosive cabinets are not recommended for the storage of phenol, nitric acid, or sulfuric acid.

Certifications: All cabinets are OSHA compliant, meet NFPA Code 30, and are independently tested and FM approved.

Ordering information: All cabinets are supplied with a manufacturer's 10-year warranty. Cabinets 97001-212 and 97001-370 include an extra poly work tray that can be secured to unit top and used as worksurface.