REDISHIP Supreme Air General-Purpose Bench Hoods, Kewaunee®

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KS-05K5496EA 12722.02 USD
KS-05K5496 KS-05K5448 KS-05K5460 KS-05K5472
REDISHIP Supreme Air General-Purpose Bench Hoods, Kewaunee®
Fume Hoods and Enclosures Chemical Fume Hoods
Hoods adjust with one touch to vent fumes, smoke, steam, or billows

Complete with Kewaunee®’s Modified Epoxy Resin (KMER) lining and baffles. Furnished with a Type 304 stainless steel lower deflector vane; counterbalanced, frameless sash of 0.6cm (1/4") laminated safety glass; and interior plumbing access panels. Hood exteriors are fabricated of cold-rolled steel. Finish is light neutral color. Polyethylene exhaust duct collar is 30.3cm (1115/16") O.D.

Static pressures shown are for the pressure drop through the hoods only. The total pressure through the hood and duct system must be calculated to select the proper exhaust fan.

UL listed.

Vapors rising from spilled liquids are swept away by an aerodynamic lower airfoil. Air turbulence is carefully controlled through a series of harmonized features. The fume sweep baffle and contoured entrance prevent fumes from spilling back into the room.

Ordering information: REDISHIP units can be shipped within 48 hours of receiving your order. Hoods include two prewired 120V, 20A duplexes; a prewired two-tube fluorescent light fixture (bulbs not included) with 20A light switch; a prewired fan switch; and a prewired duplex on top of the hood for alarm installation. For alarm, fan, worktop, cupsink, and base units to complete the assembly, contact your VWR sales representative.