Eppendorf® Microcentrifuges, 5424/5424R

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97058-924EA 8615.34 USD
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Eppendorf® Microcentrifuges, 5424/5424R
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The Eppendorf® centrifuge 5424 (Eppendorf® microcentrifuge models 5424 and 5424R) are versatile 24-place centrifuges that set new standards for silence, speed, and simplicity in operation.

  • The fixed-angle rotor is ideal for standard applications and centrifugation of biohazardous or radioactive samples
  • The miniprep spin column rotor features an extra-high rim to support open tube lids
  • The PCR tube rotor is ideal in "knockdown" spin applications for liquids after reaction setup
  • Certified aerosol-tight rotors have red screw-tops for easy identification
These are the direct replacements for the legendary models 5415D and 5415R. They whisper quiet, even when running without the rotor lid. They provide centrifugation with additional spin functions to satisfy all standard applications. The operating concepts and overall design are based on in-depth ergonomic studies, making everyday routines faster and easier. The PTFE-coated rotor is designed for applications requiring high chemical resistance and easy cleaning, such as procedures involving phenol or chloroform. All 5424R models offer precise temperature control and all rotors are with lids.

Certifications: UL and C-UL listed. CSA certified.

Ordering information: Supplied with three-line power cord and manufacturer's two-year warranty for parts and labor.