VWR® Mid-Stream Collection Kits

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82030-454CS 206.24 USD
82030-454 82030-452
VWR® Mid-Stream Collection Kits
Clinical Diagnostic Systems
Designed for the collection, transport, and storage of urine specimens.

  • Clear-straight-sided polypropylene construction
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation
  • Intended for single use
The clear, straight-sided polypropylene containers feature molded-in graduation markings on three sides, as well as top and bottom positive grip-knurls to facilitate opening and closing when handled with gloves

Containers are supplied with the SURE-LOK® proof-of-closure system. Screw-thread polyethylene caps provide an integrated leak-resistant seal. Molded-in features on both the cap and container provide visual and tactile assurance of a secure seal. When the indicator on the cap aligns at or beyond the indicator on the container base, the container is firmly closed. Containers are 95kPa compliant.

Note: Containers are intended for single use, although the container base may be autoclaved at 121°C (250°F). Caps are not autoclavable.

Containers are sterilized via gamma irradiation.

Ordering information: Each mid-stream kit is supplied with container, 53mm cap, funnel, castile soap towelettes, an ID label for patient information, and instructions.