VACUETTE® Sodium Citrate Coagulation Tubes, Greiner Bio-One

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VACUETTE® Sodium Citrate Coagulation Tubes, Greiner Bio-One
Clinical Diagnostic Systems
Designed for use in the examination of coagulation parameters, coagulation tubes contain a buffered tri-sodium citrate solution.

  • PET plastic construction is virtually unbreakable
  • Contains buffered tri-sodium citrate solution
  • Color-coded rings in caps indicate draw volume
Citrate concentrations of either 3.2% (0.109M) or 3.8% (0.129M) are available, with a mixing ratio of one part citrate to nine parts blood.

VACUETTE® tubes are manufactured from virtually unbreakable PET plastic. These clear tubes are supplied with blue non-ridged pull caps that feature an exterior color-coded ring to indicate the draw volume. A black ring indicates standard tubes and a white ring indicates a tube designed to accommodate pediatric draw. High altitude tubes are recommended for use in locations 5,000ft. or higher above sea level.