BD PosiFlush™ Saline Syringes, BD Medical

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BD PosiFlush™
306545 306574 306546 306544
BD306546CS 409.43 USD
BD306545 CA95045-598 BD306546 BD306544
BD PosiFlush™ Saline Syringes, BD Medical
Syringes Syringes, Medical
Latex-free with preservative-free saline suitable for use with most patient populations

All syringes feature a unique design to significantly reduce blood reflux and associated line complications.

Regardless of volume, all syringes have the diameter of a standard 10mL syringe, for optimal pressure distribution on the first flush. Solution and fluid path are terminally sterilized to 10-6 Sterility Assurance Level. The stubby syringe profile takes less storage space and lowers sharps waste disposal costs. Clear labeling and a bar code on each syringe helps reduce potential medication errors. Syringes are compatible with all needleless I.V. access systems.