Chex-All® II Instant-Seal Pouches, Propper Manufacturing

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Chex-All® II Instant-Seal Pouches, Propper Manufacturing
Bags Sterilization Pouches
Instant self-seal sterilization pouches for use in steam autoclaves or ethylene oxide sterilizers provide a barrier to maintain sterility after the sterilization process.

  • Self-Sealing Sterilization Pouches for use in steam and ethylene oxide.
  • Pre-printed indicator inside and outside the pouch
  • Features triple-sealed paper/plastic film to ensure the security of contents
  • Chemical indicator provides distinct color change from yellow to black in steam and also provides a distinct color change from red to green in EO
  • Made of 2.5 mm plastic and 73 to 74 gram paper
Chex-All® II pouches offer breathability, a sterile barrier, and the advantage of pre-printed chemical indicators (both inside and outside the pouch) along with the convenience of self-sealing pouches. 3/4" wide adhesive line guarantees a strong seal that will not be affected by steam or ethylene oxide exposure. Chex-All® II pouches are for use in steam and ethylene oxide, eliminating the need for two sets of pouches. Chex-All® pouches are validated for double pouch packaging.

Certifications: AAMI ST60/ ISO 11140-1, Type 1 Process Indicators