Wards® Equilibrium and LeChatlier's Principle

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Wards® Equilibrium and LeChatlier's Principle
Educational Materials Chemistry Educational Materials Thermochemistry/Kinetics Learning Activities
Investigate equilibrium and LeChatlier's principle through 4 different experiments.

  • Kit contains enough materials for 15 groups
  • Teacher's guide and student study guide copymasters are included
Students will investigate equilibrium and Le Chatelier’s principle through four different experiments. They will apply various stresses to different chemical systems at equilibrium, then use their understanding of Le Chatelier’s principle to explain their results. Kit contains enough material for 15 groups. Teacher’s Guide and Student Study Guide copymasters are included.

Delivery information: Includes 25 ml Bromothymol blue; 50 ml Sodium hydroxide, 0.1 M; 25 ml Hydrochloric acid, 0.1 M; 150 ml Potassium thiocyanate solution; 25 ml Ferric nitrate solution; 15 g Potassium thiocyanate crystals; 15 g Sodium phosphate crystals; 150 ml Copper (II) sulfate solution; 100 ml Ammonium hydroxide, 1M; 25 ml Hydrochloric acid, 1M; 50 ml Methyl red.