Nasco Healthcare® Breast Self Examination Trainer

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Nasco Healthcare®
470348-732EA 383.7 USD
Nasco Healthcare® Breast Self Examination Trainer
Models Human Biology Models
Realistic and easy to use.

  • Five different lumps
  • Gel material simulates a real feel
This Breast Self Examination (BSE) Trainer is a flesh based product for realistic practice. You will no longer have to struggle with keeping the exam model clean because the new, non toxic material is very stain resistant and cleans up easily with mild soap. Within the breast resides five lumps representing different disease states: cysts (fluid related), fibroadenomas (calcifications), sclerosing adenosis, or fat necrosis.

The filling is a water based gel that emulates the natural consistency of a breast. The material is also very durable so that constant use in labs or teaching facilities won't wear it out or tear it.