Prepared Slide Set, 25 Slides

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470340-270EA 88.8 USD
Prepared Slide Set, 25 Slides
Slides Prepared Slides
General slide set covering protist, insects, humans, and plants.

  • Set of 25 prepared microscope slides
  • Organized in wooden case
Glass prepared microscope slides, supplied in a wooden case.

Set includes: Amoeba Proteus, wm; Hydra, wm; Earthworm, cs of posterior; Daphnia and cyclops, wm; Housefly head with mouthparts, wm; Housefly leg with clinging pads; Mouth smear, squamous epithelium; Striated muscle, ls; Human blood smear; Bacteria, smear from mouth; Diatoms, mixed, wm; Spirogyra, vegetative filaments, wm; Aspergillus, wm; Moss stem with leave, wm; Buttercup root, cs; Corn stem, cs; Lily anthers, cs; Lily ovary, cs; Onion epidermis, wm; Onion root tip, ls, mitosis; Human scalp, vertical sections; Compact bone, cs; Sunflower stem, cs; Lilac leaf, cs; Honeybee anterior and posterior wing.