SimLabSolutions Pediatric Crash Cart, 9 Drawer, Loaded

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SimLabSolutions Pediatric Crash Cart, 9 Drawer, Loaded
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
A loaded pediatric simulation response cart.

  • Delivered fully stocked
  • Easily movable and cleanable cart
  • Individually refillable drawers
The SimLabSolutions simulated loaded nine drawer pediatric crash cart is filled with the simulated medication and supplies necessary for pediatric resuscitation simulations. Use this cart and the packaged kits to ensure faculty always has what they need, without the hassle of tracking down each item individually. This cart contains all of the essential pediatric products in multiple sizes based on the Broselow system.

Please see product resources for contents.

Caution: For educational use only. Contains simulated medicine, not for human or animal use.