SimScreen® Room Isolation Panels

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SimScreen® Room Isolation Panels
Shields Safety Shields
Create a temporary control wall or room for any simulation space.

  • Multiple panels and corners
  • Panels allow easy observation while preventing distraction
  • Stores easily when not in use
The SimScreen® is an innovative solution for nursing and health profession simulation lab instruction. The SimScreen® Standard Simulation Panel is a cost-effective and portable two-way mirror panel which separates the nursing instructor from the student during simulation. It can also be used for In Situ simulation. It facilitates effective observation, patient communication, and teaching during simulation while decreasing distractions for the student nurse. The SimScreen® also offers space-saving advantages to the college or hospital with limited space for their teaching environment. The SimScreen® uses Mirropane commonly known as a 'two-way mirror'. It is a highly reflective mirror which is partially reflective and partially transparent.

SimScreen® panels can be combined to make an actual temporary control wall or room section. They also assist in noise reduction. All units are designed to abut each other with an aluminum flange for a larger observation area. The units can slide into each other for easy storage.