D.T. Buddy Delivery Tube Hand Saver

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470337-874CS 1295 USD
D.T. Buddy Delivery Tube Hand Saver
Clamps Tubing Clamps
The perfect hand-saving tool for inserting glass tubing into stoppers!

  • Easy to use
  • Made from good-quality hard rubber for easy gripping
  • Protects hands by eliminating accidents while inserting glass tubing into stoppers
This tool prevents injury to hands due to shattered glass tubing. Simply push the tool through the stopper with a twist, remove the nose cone, insert the glass tube, and remove the stopper from the tool. The glass tubing remains in place in the stopper. Also useful for removing glass tubing from stoppers. Works on both rubber and cork stoppers.

Ordering information: Stopper and glass tubing not included.