3B Scientific® Realmom 2

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3B Scientific® Realmom 2
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Full-body birthing simulator for delivery and obstetric skill training.

  • Massageable fundus
  • Normal delivery
  • Assisted delivery with forceps or vacuum devices
  • Realistic placenta with umbilical cord to present with complications
Simulate realistic obstetric scenarios with the RealMom birthing simulator. Practice vaginal deliveries with natural-feeling soft tissue, accurate internal anatomy and landmarks and an authentic pelvic structure with an active soft tissue birth canal. The replaceable birth canal offers limitless, ultra-realistic deliveries. Both the birthing simulator and the baby manikin are wireless and can be remote controlled with the included tablet and instructor software. The software supports iOS, android and any computer browser. Also includes a patient monitor software to use the tablet as virtual monitor with touchscreen capabilities.