3B Scientific® Postpartum Hemorrhage Simulator

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3B Scientific® Postpartum Hemorrhage Simulator
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Provide hands-on, realistic training for treatment of postpartum hemorrhage.

  • Three independent bleeding sites
  • Simultaneous multiple hemorrhages possible
  • Suturing of vaginal tears
  • Realistic after-childbirth cervix
  • Direct feedback of atonic uterus management delivery of a retained Placenta.
Postpartum hemorrhage (PPH) is an obstetric emergency where heavy bleeding occurs after delivery. According to the WHO, PPH is one of the leading causes of maternal mortality. Each year about 14 million women worldwide suffer from PPH. Severe bleeding after birth can be fatal for the new mother within hours if she is not diagnosed and treated. To improve PPH outcomes, it is vital that obstetric and healthcare professional teams train the timely management and care of postpartum bleeding.

The PPH simulator focuses on the following three postpartum bleeding causes: uterine atony (tonus), laceration and rupture (trauma) and retained tissue from the placenta (tissue)

The PPH Simulator is developed in collaboration with Dr.Martin Neuß, M.D., from Bethesda hospital in Hamburg to train the following skills, both individually and as a team: diagnosis of uterine atony by abdominal examination, practice of both fundal massage and bimanual compression, suturing of vaginal tears, 360-degree cervical visual inspection, manual removal of a retained placenta, intrauterine balloon tamponade, uterine packing with gauze, presentation of severe obstetric hemorrhage cases, blood loss estimation, bladder catheterization and demonstration of uterine compression suture techniques.