3B Scientific® Hemorrhage Control Leg Trainer

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3B Scientific® Hemorrhage Control Leg Trainer
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Especially suitable for tactical combat casualty care (tccc) and civilian casualty care training.

  • High Quality Skinlike™ sturdy silicone simulates Human skin and tissue haptics
  • Bony landmarks and palpable damaged vessel
  • Direct feedback: The bleeding will stop with proper technique
  • Tourniquet application can be made “High And Tight”
  • Each wound can bleed independently or covered
  • Designed for field use
The Hemorrhage Control Leg Trainer by 3B Scientific is an affordable and simple solution for realistic training of bleeding control and management of traumatic injuries on the thigh. Trainees will gain confidence in managing difficult bleeding using tourniquets, wound packing and amputation management skills. The leg trainer P103 is equipped with three different wound patterns: Deep laceration in the groin area, Gunshot wound through and through (GSW) with entry and exit wound on the upper thigh and Amputation in the knee region.

A manual blood pump system supplies artificial blood to each wound individually or to any two of them in combination or to three wounds all together. Various scenarios of venous or arterial pulsatile blood hemorrhage can be simulated easily and realistically. The trainee will get a direct visual feedback (stop of bleeding by mechanical occlusion) once the application of the chosen hemorrhage control technique is successful.

Ordering information: Tourniquets are not included.