BenchBin™ Benchtop Biohazard Bin

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BenchBin™ Benchtop Biohazard Bin
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The BenchBin™ is a compact, convenient, and safe biohazard bin for the benchtop or workstation.

  • Safely dispose of tips, tubes, gloves and more
  • Secures and covers hazardous waste
  • Easy push open/close spring lid
  • Compact footprint (7×5×7")
For the temporary storage of biohazardous material during a lab activity or assay that doesn't require multiple trips to the biohazard bin. The sleek and compact design requires minimal space on the lab bench while the closed-lid system and easy bag removal creates a safe and convenient solution for waste .

Ordering information: Red biohazard bags (8.5×11") are purchased separately in packs of 100.

Delivery information: The BenchBin™ Starter Kit includes one BenchBin and 400 red 8.5×11" autoclave/ biohazard bags.