BowTie™ Biohazard Bag and Bin

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BowTie™ Biohazard Bag and Bin
Bags Waste Disposal Bags
The BowTie™ bags are the convenient and economical option for proper disposal of biohazardous or laboratory waste.

  • Drawstring for instant closure
  • 12 to 16 gallon capacity bag
  • Color changing sterilization indicator
  • Bags fit perfectly in corresponding BowTie™ bin
  • Bin equipped with a hands-free, foot pedal operated lid
The BowTie™ Biohazard Bags exclusive drawstring loops provide an instant cinch closure and easy removal from bag stands. These drawstring loops allow for venting during sterilization and offer an easy and safe way to remove bags from a hot autoclave. Bags are clearly marked with a biohazard symbol. BowTie™ Biohazard Bags are made of 2.25 mil HDPE and are suitable for autoclaving in 121 °C cycles.

The Biohazard Bin fits the BowTie™ Bags perfectly and its touchless lid allows for quicker disposal of hazardous waste. With a 12 to 14 gallon capacity, this bin is a great addition to hazardous waste management equipment.