Autopsy Table Head Rinse, Mortech®

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76498-520EA 536.14 USD
Autopsy Table Head Rinse, Mortech®
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Add a table top surface rinse to a current autopsy table. The chrome-plated rinse device provides a flow of water over the table surface during use.

  • Overall dimensions are 24.1×22.8 cm(9.5W×9"L)
  • Use with optional cadaver headrest
  • Portable and economical
  • Fully adjustable
Simply lay the unit on table and hand connect the end to rubber tubing, which then must be connected to a water supply. Fully adjustable, the flow coverage is adjusted through the water pressure on the table plumbing faucet. Bracket is provided to fit under the head block to lay flat on the autopsy table top. Portable and economical, the rinse unit can be used on a variety of autopsy/necropsy tables. Simply hand disconnect and use on next table.