Soil Macronutrient Test Kit

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Soil Macronutrient Test Kit
Environmental Test Kits
Easy way to test soil for the macronutrients that grow healthy plants.

  • 50 tests for macronutrient presence in soil samples
Plants need a variety of nutrients and minerals to grow and maintain overall health. The 3 main nutrients that plants require to survive and thrive are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (also known as NPK). In this activity, students will extract nutrients from a soil sample and perform analyses to determine if nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium concentration is abundant, adequate, or deficient.

Find problems with plants before they happen.

Delivery information: Includes 5 soil collection bottles; 5 plastic scoops; 5 pipettes; 120 ml soil pH indicator; 120 ml nitrogen extraction solution; 30 g nitrogen indicator powder; 120 ml phophorous extraction solution; 30 ml phosphorous reagent; 15 g phosphorouis indicator powder; 120 ml potassium reagent; 15 g potassium indicator powder.