Plant Tissue Macronutrients Test Kit

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Plant Tissue Macronutrients Test Kit
Environmental Test Kits
Easy way to test plant samples for their required macronutrients.

  • 50 tests for macronutrient presence in plant tissue samples
Plants need a variety of nutrients and minerals to grow and maintain overall health. The 3 main nutrients that plants require to survive and thrive are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (also known as NPK). In this activity, students will extract nutrients from plants of choice and perform analyses to determine if nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium concentration is abundant, adequate, or deficient.

Delivery information: Includes 500 ml nutrient extractor solution; 30 ml nitrogen reagent #1; 30 g nitrate reagent # 2; 30 g phosphorous reagent #1; 30 ml phosphorous reagent #2; 30 g potassium reagent #1; 120 ml potassium reagent #2; 100 pack filter paper; 4 collection bottles; 1 spot plate; 2 reagent scoops; 1 stirring rod; 5 pipettes.