Shirley K's Plastic Totes and Wash Tubs

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404PG PT125-TAN T183-TAN 139PGTRAY 507-510HWG 501-502HWG 402PG 273PB P1028-TAN PT186-TAN T102-TAN
470335-078EA 83.05 USD
470335-078 470335-096 470335-086 470335-098 470335-088 470335-092 470335-082 470335-094 470335-084 470335-090 470335-080
Shirley K's Plastic Totes and Wash Tubs
Boxes Storage Boxes
Various plastic totes and wash tubs made of either HIPS or HMW-HDPE plastic. Panel with storage slots are available for a vertical storage option.

  • Made with chemically resistant plastic
  • Lidded and padlockable options available
  • Available with various compartments or stacking options
Appropriate for spill containment, organization, and general laboratory storage.