Hermle Z287-A Compact Universal Centrifuge

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Hermle Z287-A Compact Universal Centrifuge
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The Hermle Z287-A Compact Universal Centrifuge exceeds the limitations set forth by traditional microcentrifuges which are restricted solely to fixed angle rotors for microtubes. Instead, this compact, next generation model features an expansive line of swing out and fixed angle rotors options that accept microplates and test-tubes up to 50 ml. This centrifuge is designed to be our most compact and economical. It is a true workhorse for any lab requiring a centrifuge that can accommodate many fields of research.

  • Automatic rotor identification
  • Electrical safety lid-lock
  • Momentary spin button
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Over-speed protection
  • Adjustable Accel/Decel
The Z287-A introduces a convenient status indicator. Users can easily view the current state of the centrifuge from across the room. The LED illuminates to signify if the rotor is spinning, the run is completed or the centrifuge is idle in standby mode.

Advanced microprocessor controls allow for instant rotor identification, which automatically converts the rotational speed to the relevant g-force (rcf), preventing the user from setting a speed above the capabilities of the installed rotor. In addition to retrieving saved programs, the EZ-Scroll touch wheel front panel can adjust accel/decel rates, and change the end of run alarm tone. Additionally this feature prevents debris buildup, leakage, and can be operated with gloves on. The Z287-A is a truly powerful and versatile centrifuge perfect for any research laboratory.

Power: 170 W, timer: Up to 99 hours, 59 minutes.