3B Scientific® Bowel Care and Enema Trainer

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3B Scientific®
470331-328EA 1399.99 USD
3B Scientific® Bowel Care and Enema Trainer
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Direct Feedback trainer.

  • Administer standard enema solutions up 2 liters
  • Easy to clean
  • Optimized design for simple installation for each procedure
  • Soft carrying bag and a storage box
The economical Bowel Care Enema Trainer by 3B Scientific® is an excellent choice to optimize the skills of students and patient care staff with direct feedback, from the results of the enema administration. The various functions of the simulator allow the trainees to administer different procedures during the training. A secure fluid reception reservoir system makes the portable Bowel Care Trainer leakage free. Even sponge bath practice is possible using the simulated solid and soluble stool. Thanks to quick and easy change of the setting (<1 min) various techniques can be trained under instructor control and during student practice.

Train the following bowel care procedures: Enema Administration, Cleansing, Oil-Retention, Return-Flow, Medicated Enemas, Suppositories administration, Medication administration, Digital Rectal Examination (DRE) and Stimulation (DRS), and Digital Removal of Faeces (DRF).

This high quality bowel care trainer simulates the buttock of a patient with femoral stumps, anus and bowel in pre-positioned left lateral recumbent position. The upper buttock is soft and flexible to be most realistic; the trainee has to lift it to gain access to the anus. Supports the insertion of CH16 to CH40 catheters and balloon rectal tubes. The different Digital Rectal Inserts are made of SKINlike™ sturdy silicone to simulate human skin and tissue haptic during DRE and DRS. Anus stays close and remains impenetrable after the removal of the catheter due to the high quality of the insert material. Contains two 3D (three dimensional) anatomical didactic models of hemorrhoids to facilitate the explanation of complication or contraindication. One displaying a rectum frontal section with hemorrhoids, anal fissures and fistulae, another of an external view with swollen anal prolapse and hemorrhoid knots. The 3D models are attached to the model with magnet so the model can be passed from student to student during class. Secure fluid reception reservoir system. Ensures portability, impermeability, security.