3B Scientific® Hemorrhage Control Arm Trainer

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3B Scientific®
1022652 P102D
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3B Scientific® Hemorrhage Control Arm Trainer
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Physiology and Health Learning Activities
Realistic bleeding control.

  • 3 wounds; gunshot, deep laceration and junctional wound
  • Requires no batteries
  • Each wound bleeds independently
  • Easy to clean and to transport in carrying bag (included)
  • Realistic low-cost simulator for repetitive training
The trainer functions as a stand-alone simulator but can also be worn by a volunteer for added realism and in field training using the carrying strap of the bag. The bleeding can be simulated realistically including direct feedback (stop of bleeding) when the trainee successfully manages the hemorrhage.

The trainer simulates a full arm of an adult male with a very realistic outer anatomy. The skin is made of high quality SKINlike™ sturdy silicone to simulate human skin and tissue haptics. Features bony landmarks and palpable vessel damaged in the GSW.

Direct feedback: the bleeding will stop (mechanical occlusion of blood vessels) when tourniquet has been correctly applied (placement and closing).The application of the tourniquet can be made 'high and tight' or 5 to 8 cm (2 to 3') above the wound.

Each wound can be hidden with a dedicated cover to offer modular injury scenarios. Bleeding is controlled using a manual pump controlled by the instructor or patient. Secure blood reservoir (2 liters) with manual blood pump system simulating venous or arterial pulsatile blood hemorrhage. No back flow of the blood to the reservoir during wound packing.