Discovering Quantitative PCR Amplification (qPCR) and Analysis

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Discovering Quantitative PCR Amplification (qPCR) and Analysis
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Get hands-on experience with the principles and practice of qPCR.

  • This kit must be used with a RT Thermal Cycler
  • Learn to perform an advanced molecular biology procedure used in labs worldwide
  • Quantify DNA concentration of 4 experimental samples using a standard curve
Quantitative PCR (qPCR or real-time PCR) simultaneously amplifies and detects targeted DNA allowing scientists to discover the starting amount of a specific DNA sequence in an experimental sample. This powerful and precise technology has become a cornerstone of modern genetics research, biological monitoring, and medical diagnostics.

For students, performing qPCR offers the challenge of performing a mathematically and technically advanced experiment, the opportunity to understand key molecular concepts through hands-on learning, and an essential skill for future research work.

In this specially adapted education qPCR experiment, students will quantify the DNA concentration of four experimental samples using a standard curve approach and then confirm the experiment’s specificity and accuracy through gel electrophoresis, melt curve analysis, and data analysis.

Time Required: qPCR Setup - 45 min; qPCR-90 min; Electrophoresis - 1 hr; Staining - 5 min to overnight, Analysis of results - 45 min.

Additional items needed but not included: qPCR Thermal Cycler, Microcentrifuge, 50 μl Micropipette, Electrophoresis equipment and light-box, Microwave or Hot Plate, Pipet Pump, Balance, Hot Gloves, Laboratory Gloves, Beaker, Distilled Water, Ice.

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Caution: Some components require Freezer storage upon receipt.