Ward's® Pure Preserved Lamprey

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Ward's® Pure Preserved Lamprey
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Ward's® PURE preserved specimens - the best dissection experience from start to finish.

  • Safest specimens
  • Low formalin odor
  • Best classroom experience
Ward's® PURE preserved specimens offer the best classroom experience because PURE specimens are safe. Students stay focused on learning and not on smells. Experience quality with true-to-life preservation, combined with artfully illustrated dissection guides, free with every purchase, to maximize value, lesson time and student engagement.

We guarantee you’ve never experienced dissection like this before. Go Pure.

Petromyzon marinus. Representative of the Agnathans or jawless cartilaginous fish. Lampreys use their suction cup-like mouth to attach to their host and then rasp away the host fish’s skin to feed on its blood and bodily fluids. A major pest in the United States’ Great Lakes, lamprey have greatly depleted the populations of other fish. Chemical control of lamprey larvae has reduced their population to a tolerable level.