Fresh Frozen Dissection Specimens (No Chemicals)

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Fresh Frozen Dissection Specimens (No Chemicals)
Specimens Preserved Specimens Preserved Animal Materials
Fresh frozen (unpreserved) dissection specimens shipped in coolers of ice directly to your classroom.

  • Fresh frozen specimens
  • Chemical free dissection
  • Realistic experience
Fresh frozen dissection specimens allow you to experience dissection without the incorporation of chemicals for preservation.

Fresh vs. Frozen: Fresh specimens are only refrigerated; they are not frozen. Fresh frozen specimens are kept in freezers until shipped.

Ordering information: While fresh frozen specimens may be immediately available, some products may have a lead time of several weeks. Please place your orders ahead of time and allow extra time for delivery. Extra costs include coolers, packaging, and ice.

Delivery information: We suggest fresh frozen items are shipped on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday so they won't be held over the weekend.

Packaging: To maintain integrity, we recommend fresh frozen items be sent overnight or 2-day delivery and put immediately into a refrigerator or freezer upon arrival.

Caution: Storage Conditions : Cooler