Demonstration Models Bundle

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Demonstration Models Bundle
Models Human Biology Models
Useful in lecture and distance learning.

  • Common biological demos combined
  • Lung, muscle, and eye demonstrations
How does the diaphragm cause the lungs to inflate? What is the interaction between opposing muscle groups? How does the eye function? Easily illustrate these concepts to your students with this set of three demonstrations.

The functional lung model is a large size, and easily viewable by a group of students. Pulling on the rubber diaphragm that covers the bell jar causes the balloon lungs to fill with air as air pressure in the jar is reduced. When users push the diaphragm in, the balloons collapse and recreate exhalation.

The physical eye model can be used to demonstrate the optical functions of the human eye, e.g. representation of an object on the retina, accommodation (change in the lens curvature), short-sightedness and far-sightedness.

Demonstrate muscle action with a wearable model to better understand the physics behind how muscles work to create movement. Velcro straps secure the apparatus to the student’s upper and lower arm. By straightening and bending their arm, the model mimics the opposing contractions and relaxations of their own biceps and triceps.