Advanced Nervous System Teaching Bundle

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Advanced Nervous System Teaching Bundle
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Explore the nervous system.

  • Charts, models, microscope slides and recording hardware
  • Includes three backyard brains reflex and reaction sets
A detailed study of the nervous system is often difficult to accomplish. Often it is illustrated with just charts, diagrams, or models to teach general structure. This bundle gives you these materials, as well as Ward's prepared microscope slides to examine the cells involved in the nervous system. Additionally this bundle includes three sets of the Backyard Brains Spikerbox pro, reflex hammer and reaction timers. Use these to show specific activity through EMGs, and perform measurements. Compare the times of a reflex arc and a voluntary action. Compare reaction times using visual or audio cues. Students can also use the Spikerbox Pro to explore other aspects of the nervous and muscular systems with a single device.