Distance Learning: Periodic Table - Nonmetals, Metals and Metalloids

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Distance Learning: Periodic Table - Nonmetals, Metals and Metalloids
Educational Classroom Kits and Activities
Investigate properties of elements.

  • Aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards
  • Contains instruction manual
  • Materials for only two groups of students or a single student
During the nineteenth century, a Russian chemist named Dmitri Mendeleev began constructing a table of the elements. The result, called the Periodic Table of the Elements, is an organized classification of chemical elements based on certain properties of each element in relation to other elements. In this lab students will learn about three different categories of elements - metals, nonmetals, and metalloids They will examine the physical properties of several elements and test their chemical reactivity, then use their results to classify each of the tested elements as either metal, nonmetal, or metalloid. PS1.A; PS1.B; MS-PS1-2; HS-PS1-1; HS-PS1-2; patterns.

Certifications: Meets MS-LS1-1 and MS-LS1-2 standards.