Blue Phantom® Sciatic Nerve Regional Anesthesia Ultrasound Trainer

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Blue Phantom®
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Blue Phantom® Sciatic Nerve Regional Anesthesia Ultrasound Trainer
Models Human Biology Models
Practice makes perfect.

  • Contains proximal sciatic and distal bifurcating sciatic bundle models
  • Self-healing tissue
  • Matches the acoustic characteristics of real tissue
  • Use any ultrasound system
Blue Phantom®'s sciatic leg ultrasound guided regional anesthesia training phantom is excellent to train users to develop and practice the skills necessary to gain proficiency in using ultrasound for peripheral nerve block regional anesthesia procedures of the sciatic nerve. Using Blue Phantom® simulated human tissue, this very realistic and ultra-durable ultrasound training phantom is excellent for training clinicians in the psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound guided regional anesthesia procedures.

These ultrasound imaging skills include; using ultrasound system controls, transducer positioning and movement, recognition of the sciatic nerves, using ultrasound to target the sciatic nerves for regional anesthesia procedures including injecting simulated anesthetics in the model for simulating the entire sciatic nerve peripheral nerve block procedure.

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