Blue Phantom® Midscapular Thoracentesis Ultrasound Trainer

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Blue Phantom® Midscapular Thoracentesis Ultrasound Trainer
Models Human Biology Models
Practice using ultrasound system controls.

  • Positive fluid flow provides immediate feedback
  • Matches acoustic characteristics of real tissue
  • Use any ultrasound imaging system
  • Extremely durable; use for repeated training
Blue Phantom®'s mid-scapular thoracentesis ultrasound training model is specifically designed for ultrasound guided thoracentesis procedures. This ultrasound training phantom aids users in developing and practicing the skills associated with a mid scapulary approach to ultrasound guided thoracentesis procedures. This model is excellent for assisting clinicians in gaining proficiency in using ultrasound to identify and guide needle and small gauge catheter insertions in a patient with pleural effusions for diagnostic and/or therapeutic purposes.

The model is of a supine adult male and extends from the upper buttocks to the lower neck. Positioned in the mid scapulary line, the ultrasound tissue insert contains chest wall superficial tissue, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th ribs and intercostal spaces, pleural cavity with lung and atelectatic lung, diaphragm, and superior spleen. The pleural fluid collections allow users to develop and refine their ultrasound guided thoracentesis skills. This model is extremely realistic and is self-healing offering you superb training with a low cost of ownership.

The ultrasound tissue insert offers extremely realistic sonographic imaging characteristics is designed for guiding the placement of needles and small catheters (18-21 gauge and associated catheter kits). Blue Phantom® simulated human tissue is very realistic and ultra-durable; excellent for repeated training in skills associated with ultrasound guided thoracentesis procedures. Positive fluid flow offers users feedback when pleural effusions are accurately accessed. The fluid is easily refilled using a quick fill luer lock or can be connected to an I.V. reservoir for continuous fluid delivery. Users can also learn to avoid accessory structures as the spleen, diaphragm, and lung.

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