Blue Phantom® Paracentesis Ultrasound Trainer

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Blue Phantom® Paracentesis Ultrasound Trainer
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Ultra-durable ultrasound guided paracentesis training model.

  • Superb ultrasound imaging characteristics
  • Feels like real human tissue
  • Self-healing tissue will withstand tremendous use
  • Anatomically correct anatomy
  • Contains a variety of fluid pockets
  • Full lower torso from mid thorax to mid thigh
  • Positive fluid flow provides immediate feedback
Blue Phantom® ultrasound guided paracentesis training model is designed to aid clinicians in the use of ultrasound to recognize intraperitoneal fluid collections and development of the psychomotor skills associated with ultrasound guided paracentesis procedures. The superb realism helps users learn to use ultrasound to identify appropriate anatomy and to guide needle and catheter placements in the mid abdominal region in a patient with intraperitoneal fluid consistent with hemoperitoneum, ascites, or other pathological scenarios.

Using Blue Phantom® patented simulated human tissue, this very realistic and ultra-durable ultrasound guided paracentesis training model is excellent for training clinicians in ultrasound skills including; using ultrasound system controls, transducer positioning and movement, recognition of liver, bowel, and intraperitoneal fluid collections, using ultrasound to target the appropriate pocket of fluid, and guiding the needle to the targeted fluid pocket in real-time for pathological assessment.

Contained in an adult size human torso, the paracentesis ultrasound module contains the right lobe of the liver, small bowel, and a variety of fluid pockets ranging in size from small, medium, and large allowing the user to begin their ultrasound training with easily obtainable fluid spaces and to progress to targeting smaller fluid collections as their skills progress.Available with femoral vessels and nerve options. Use any ultrasound imaging system

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