Blue Phantom® Fluids For Ultrasound Training

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Blue Phantom® Fluids For Ultrasound Training
Models Human Biology Models
Simulate body fluids in ultrasound training.

  • Accurate acoustic properties for blood serum
  • Same viscosity as blood serum
  • Long life; contains preservatives that inhibit bacterial and fungal growth
  • Easy to refill
These simulated blood refills are designed to mimic blood and body fluids in the Blue Phantom® models. Blue and Red simulated blood refill fluid is specifically designed to supplement or replace the venous and arterial blood in Blue Phantom® models containing arteries and veins. Clear replacement fluid is specifically designed to supplement or replace the fluid found in Blue Phantom® spinal epidural and lumbar puncture, paracentesis and amniocentesis ultrasound training model mannequins. Yellow replacement fluid is specifically designed as replacement fluid for Blue Phantom® thoracentesis ultrasound training model. Red Doppler is designed for use with the Blue Phantom® doppler models.

Maintaining the acoustic properties that accurately match the properties found in blood serum, these simulated blood replacement fluids contain bacterial and fungal growth inhibitors so that the fluid can be placed into the model for extended use. As users access the simulated vessels with needles and catheters during simulation training, fluid is often removed and discarded, thus requiring that the blood vessels be replenished with simulated blood. Air might also be introduced into the vessels during training. The amount of simulated blood used is directly dependent upon the amount of fluid removed during simulation training. The phantom's fluid can be easily refilled and air can be purged from the system without difficulty.

This replacement fluid must be utilized, rather than user formulated fluid, in order to maintain the product warranty on the Blue Phantom® and CAE® Products.

Ordering information: These items cannot be returned if used. Please consult with your sales representitive before purchasing.