Health Smart® Digiscan Talking Thermometer

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470326-230EA 44 USD
Health Smart® Digiscan Talking Thermometer
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Use for forehead or ear temperatures.

  • Readings with light contact
  • °F and °C readings
  • Multiple language support
  • Use with forehead or tympanic measurements
This stylish Health Smart Digiscan thermometer instantly reads body temperature in °F or °C with light ear or forehead contact, using the most advanced technology available for you and your loved ones. Instant, clinically accurate readings in seconds. Keep it simple. Just lightly touch the thermometer to the forehead or place it gently in their ear to get their temperature. You get specialized audio readings in multiple languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian. The LCD backlit display helps you easily see the readings in the dark, so that you do not have to turn on a light and disturb a sleeping person. With a 30 reading memory, it's easy to see how the patients temperature is changing over time. The auto shut off feature helps you to conserve battery life so it's always ready when you need it.