LABeler™ and LinkLabel™ Label Printers

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470325-960EA 53.95 USD
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LABeler™ and LinkLabel™ Label Printers
Label Makers
Select from two high quality labelers and a wide range of label options.

  • Print barcodes, QR codes, text, or serial numbers
  • Adjustable label lengths minimize waste
  • Hardy labels hold up under the harshest conditions
The LABeler™ Lab printer provides the convenience of a lab marking pen with the benefits of a large desktop printer. Simply type in the desired information using the 50+ button key pad and press the print key. Press the cut level and the label is instantly ready to apply. Use the included power supply or for extra portability, the unit can run on 6 AA batteries (not included).

The LinkLabel™ Lab printer can be easily programmed from a phone via Bluetooth connection. Just download the free LabelPro™ app to endlessly customize and specialize printed labels. It comes pre-loaded with hundreds of scientific symbols, and can print barcodes, QR codes, text, or numbers. Use the included 115/230V Universal power supply or for extra portability, the unit can run on AA batteries (not included). LinkLabel™ comes with one white label cartridge.

A wide-range of labels are compatible with either printer and come in several different widths. The 6 mm tapes are great for tissue culture plates, 12 mm tapes are ideal from microtubes, and the extra tall 24 mm tapes are ideal for large tubes and flasks. Standard label tapes can be autoclaved, boiled, or even frozen to temperatures as low as −50 °C. For more durability, ULT label tapes are great for use with liquid nitrogen and can withstand environments as cold as −196 °C.

Certifications: cUL listed.