MakeBlock Codey Rocky

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MakeBlock Codey Rocky
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  • An innovative design in structure (2 in 1)
  • Brainy Codey and Agile Rocky
Codey Rocky allows the interaction between hardware and software, enabling students to learn about the basics of programming through playing and creating. Used in combination with mBlock 5, Codey Rocky supports block-based and python programming. It integrates the AL and loT technologies, allowing students to engage with and understand cutting-edge technologies and therefore become more competitive in the age of intelligence. Equipped with over ten electronic modules, including a sound sensor, a light sensor and an LED dot matrix display, Codey Rocky is a treasure trove of fun that plays music, follows light, mimics facial expressions and many more with easy coding, empowering students with the skills to turn their imagination into reality and experience the delight out of their achievement.

Harnessing the power of mBlock software, Codey Rocky allowed children to create dot matrix animations, design games and realize AI and loT applications. By programming every move made by the robot, not only will students understand each command intuitively, but they will also find it a rewarding experience through hardware creation. mBlock features many powerful functions and promises truckload of experience; programming is as simple as assembling building blocks - anyone who reads can learn to program. The learning process is structured in a series of games of different levels, making programming full of fun while students progress through the games. Python is a programming language widely used at the forefront of technological advances such as AI and data analysis. Using mBlock software to learn a more advanced programming language, children can either directly code in Python or switch their written block-based program into Python.

Codey Rocky comes with learning resources and tutorials supporting students to program every step of the way. It also benefits from copious references, constantly updated tutorials, and creative projects, inspiring students with imagination and creativity. For more professional and systematic guidance on programming, free PBL programming lessons, designated according to CSTA course standards for the US, are additionally available to its users. A Bluetooth Dongle edition is available for transferring programs wireless to halocode via your computer and allowing the user to experience a more intuitive programming effect.