Ward's® Fresh, Non-Preserved Pig Heart

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Ward's® Fresh, Non-Preserved Pig Heart
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Dissect authentically, like cardiologists and medical industry professionals do today.

  • Safest specimens
  • No chemicals used, no odor
  • Authentic experience
  • Promotes understanding versus memorization
Teach heart dissection in a NEW, impactful way: using the same non-preserved tissue cardiologists and other medical industry professionals do today. The 'real feel' of fresh tissue allows clear identification of all structures with manipulation to demonstrate function, promoting understanding versus rote memorization. Beyond the traditional structures, additional anatomy can be observed, including the: fossa ovalis, external and inverted left and right appendages, coronary sinus, left, right and main coronary arteries, manipulation and variation between all four valves, and more. Identification of these structures can be used to introduce connections to pathophysiology and biomedical device design and engineering.

Companion resources available, including a classroom-friendly instructional dissection video, teacher’s guide, and classroom lesson slide deck with lecture notes - all specifically designed to accompany fresh heart specimens. Originally developed for physicians, and then adapted for students, the dissection video 'puts another teacher in the room' freeing you to assist your students.

Dissection video, heart dissection teacher's guide, and pre-lesson slide deck with lecture notes available at the links below:

Delivery information: Please order specimens at least two weeks in advance so that these can be prepared for your classroom.

Packaging: Our fresh, non-preserved hearts are shipped frozen in a cooler packed with ice.

Caution: Fresh heart specimens are a by-product of the food industry. Pigs are not raised for dissection. We consider 'recycling' the hearts for education as being a good steward of using the whole animal.