Adjustable Speed Orbital Motion Mixers

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470319-918EA 52 USD
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Adjustable Speed Orbital Motion Mixers
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Select the orbital motion mixer that best fits your needs.

  • Multiple layouts available, covering most of your lab needs
  • Additional adapters available to accommodate various tube sizes
Vortexer can be used in either touch-activated or continuous operation modes. With vacuum suction feet for body stability, your vortexer will stay put no matter what you're mixing. The robust aluminum-cast body construction and shaded pole motor makes this a reliable, affordable choice for any laboratory. Unit is supplied with a standard cap-top, but optional adapters can be purchased for plates and tubes.

Microplate Mixer has a maintenance-free brushless DC motor for a long, dependable life. Unit is supplied with a clamp for a single microplate, but optional adapter can be purchased to allow the unit to accommodate two microplates.