Bento Lab

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Bento Lab
Thermal Cyclers
The mobile lab that includes a thermal cycler, powered electrophoresis, blue light transilluminator, and centrifuge, all into one unit.

  • An entire biotechnology lab the size of a laptop
  • Designed so you can collect samples and check data on the spot
  • No need to connect to a phone, tablet or laptop to edit your protocols
  • Compatible with standard plastic ware and reagents
  • Performance verified by researchers at world-leading research universities
Bento Lab is a portable mobile genomics setup. The compact laboratory is equipped with thermal cycler, microcentrifuge, blue LED transilluminator, gel electrophoresis power supply and electrophoresis gel box. The system is operated using an intuitive on-board graphical interface, and comes with a built-in tube rack.

The thermocycler module: Fast, repeatable PCR results with accurate, uniform block temperature for routine PCR. Equally useful as a block incubator with or without heated lid. Precise, rapid temperature measurements using platinum resistance thermometers, the industry gold standard.

The centrifuge module: Located in the middle of the Bento Lab system, it comes with a see-through, automatically locking lid. The rotor is removable and can accommodate 6×1.5 ml tubes.

The electrophoresis module is made up of two parts. The base is made of clear acrylic, is used to cast gels and as a gel tank during electrophoresis. It also stores casting shutters and combs. The lid is made of orange acrylic that functions as a filter for the blue light transilluminator. The gel box plugs sits on top of the blue LED transilluminator, both of which draw their power directly from the Bento box.