Ward's® Wild Axolotl Habitat Sets

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Ward's® Wild Axolotl Habitat Sets
Specimens Live Specimens Animals - Living Material
Large embryos with a clear coating makes them ideal for observing development.

  • They exhibit 'neoteny', keeping their larval characteristics into adulthood
  • This amphibian never leaves the water
  • Able to regenerate most body parts
Ambystoma mexicanum are unique salamanders keep their gills and stay fully aquatic even into adulthood, making them ideal subjects for embryological and developmental studies.

Widely known for their regenerative abilities, which diminish (but don't disappear) as they age, axolotls are studied in the biomedical field to understand the genetic triggers for cellular repair. These specimens are laboratory reared, as they are nearly extinct in their native Mexico due to degradation of their natural environment.

Ordering information: May be restricted in some states, check with your state's Department of Agriculture for restrictions. If Egeria najas is restricted in your state, the set that includes Elodea densa may be an alternative.

Delivery information: Specimens will ship via overnight or 2nd day delivery. Please specify a delivery date during checkout.

Packaging: Set contains one wild-type axolotl, a package of blackworms for feeding, either Elodea densa or Egeria najas, and an aquatic habitat.