Periphyton Sampler

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Periphyton Sampler
Specimens Live Specimens Protists - Living Material
Self-righting yet rugged.

  • Remains in position due to the current deflector which resists action of waves
  • Stainless steel wire frame holds slide tray
  • Fastens at three points for secure anchorage
  • Two floats attach to the ends of the frame and are held by locking rings so the sampler can float
  • One-piece plastic slide tray holds 16 glass microscope slides that rest just below the surface: 25×76 mm (1×3")
  • Two locking plates on each tray allow loading in the lab, then transporting
  • Plates snap in and out of the frame without tools
Periphyton are microorganisms growing on submerged surfaces and are a good indication of comparative water quality. However, they can be difficult to collect due to the lack of natural substrates. When placed at any depth in a stream, reservoir or lake and secured with a line and anchor (not included), algae grows on the glass slides. Remove the slides after two weeks and examine the algae, zebra mussels and other growth under a microscope for identification and counting.
Important! 25×75 mm slides are too small and will not work.

Overall dimensions: 12×8×61/2"