Earth Layer Model with Seismic Waves

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Earth Layer Model with Seismic Waves
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This unique model shows the connection between the inner layers of the earth, the spreading of seismic waves in the interior of the earth and the earth’s magnetic field.

  • Diameter of the earth: 226 mm
  • Scale: 1 mm (~56.41 km)
  • Dimensions: 387×350×240 mm3
This model was developed with the cooperation of renowned German geologists. The magnetic field printed on the sturdy acrylic stand shows the double polar axis, at the actual angle, and the magnetic field that was created in the bowels of the earth. The upper hemisphere shows how the various earthquake waves deep inside the earth are reflected on layers of the earth with different densities. The lower hemisphere demonstrates the layers that have been calculated by this and portrays the temperature and the pressure inside the earth using a respective range of colours. Plate tectonic scenarios are also depicted.