Ward's® Incubating Shakers

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Ward's® Incubating Shakers
Shakers and Mixers Shaking Incubators
These incubating shakers provide digitally regulated temperature with precise orbital mixing.

  • Great for cell culture or bacterial cell growth
  • Non-slip rubber platform mat included
  • Horizontally circular orbit for aeration and mixing
  • Optional platform available for use with MAGic Clamp™ system
  • Two year warranty
The XL Incu-Shaker is available with or without refrigeration. Mini Incu-Shaker is available with or without CO₂ incubation.

All units are compatible with the optional MAGic Clamp System which allows use of the MAGic Clamp™ attachment line, for quick-changes between flask clamps of different sizes. Additional purchase of MAGic Clamp Platform required. See product resource tab for list of compatible accessories.

Ordering information: Supplied with a non-slip, rubber coated surface, ideal for tissue culture flasks, petri dishes and staining trays. Optional platform available for use with MAGic Clamp™ system, this must be ordered separately.