Amino Labs Canvas Kit™

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Amino Labs Canvas Kit™
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Biochemistry Learning Activities
Create living paintings with colorful bacteria.

  • Safety First! The kit uses a non-pathogenic strain of E. coli (K-12)
  • Fun first step into learning about genetic engineering and BioArt
  • Great for biology or visual arts class
  • Recommended for use with Amino LabsDNA Playground™ (available separately)
Colored bacteria included are purple, cyan (fluorescent), and magenta (fluorescent). If you have already engineered cells with an Engineer-it Kit and still have them, you can also use those cells with a Canvas Kit™! When you're done creating, lock in your colorful creation with the Keep-It™ Resin kit.

In the Canvas Kit™ students will: Make 'painting canvases', called LB agar petri dishes. Paint or stencil the colorful bacteria included in the kit onto three canvases and incubate them. Like an invisible ink, you won't see them at first, but as they grow and divide they will become visible between 12 to 48 hours and change color. Your painting will emerge!

Additional equipment required for Canvas Kit™ but not included: Microwave or hot-plate, and Amino Labs DNA Playground™ (In the absence of a DNA Playground™, you will also need an incubator and timer.)

Ordering information: Due to popular demand, we recommend you place your order at least a week in advance.

Delivery information: Though kits will ship at ambient temperature, some components will require refrigeration upon arrival. Refer to instructions.