Amino Labs DNA Playground™ MiniLab

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Amino Labs DNA Playground™ MiniLab
Educational Materials Biology Educational Materials Genetics Learning Activities
The DNA Playground™ is a heating and cooling all-in-one unit with touch controls and sensors.

  • Available in two sizes
  • Tube-heating station presets: 30 °C/37 °C/42 °C
  • Tube-cooling station selections: 1 to 5 °C
  • Plate incubator presets: 30 °C/37 °C/42 °C
For teachers, students, and makers. The DNA Playground™ is an engaging alternative to traditionally large, expensive, and complex lab equipment. Cool, heat-shock incubate bacteria efficiently and without a mess (Amino kit lab activities available separately).

The small DNA Playground™ is great for doing one experiment at a time and can incubate 4 bacterial plates at once. The large DNA Playground™ is designed for classrooms so that up to four groups of students can do their experiments on a single machine. Because of the higher petri dish incubating capacity (8), the Large unit is great for independent student research and science fair projects. The large unit also has a built-in Red, Green, and Blue LED light.

Complements next generation science standards (NGSS): MS-LS1-1, MS-LS1-2, MS-LS1-7and HS-LS1-1, HS-LS1-6, HS-LS3-1.

Certifications: Electrical certifications: UL and CSA, CUL and CE.

Ordering information: Due to popular demand, we recommend you place your order at least a week in advance.

Packaging: DNA Playground™ color may be different than pictured.

Caution: Approved for users 12 years of age and older.