Bone Clones® Farpoint Clovis Spear Point

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Bone Clones® Farpoint Clovis Spear Point
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11000 YA. The 51/4" Farpoint Clovis spearpoint was found in 2005 by Edgar Perez at a residential construction site in Malibu. The first such artifact found on the West Coast, the Clovis spearpoint indicates the presence of Clovis people 11,000 years ago and raises questions about the origins of the earliest inhabitants of the Americas.

  • Casting from originals that present diverse osteological characteristics, each Bone Clones® cast is hand-made from start to finish
  • Rigorous standards are applied when selecting original specimens to ensure the best representation
  • Proprietary, custom blend of polyurethane developed to capture and replicate minute detail
It has been thought that the earliest settlers came from Siberia, where Clovis artifacts have yet to be found. There is now speculation that the earliest settlers arrived on the East Coast, having crossed the Atlantic from southwestern Europe when land masses were closer together more than 16,000 years ago. It is currently curated at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

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